Wife to a handsome country boy, and mama to four precious princesses. Lovin' life in the sticks, and capturing every moment through my lens.



Oh how I love daisies.

The other day I was busily trying to prepare for Miss Tay’s birthday party {and Father’s Day celebration combo},

and Sierra asked me if I would go outside with her and the girls to take photos.

She casually mentioned, “We could go over there, to the daisies”.

That was all it took for me to throw down my dish towel, pick up my camera, and head out the door.


These two love each other sooooo much.

There’s just something about the biggest and the littlest. 


They definitely gravitate toward each other.

This next one I was going to delete.

In fact, my finger was just about ready to hit the delete button when I realized . . .


Uhhhh, this isn’t an outtake at all.

That is TOTALLY Taylor. 

Let’s see how far up our nose we can fit that flower.


Then we came across  a honey bee:


And we had to stop and pay attention for a bit, because he was so busy!

Busy little bee 🙂


Ahhhhhh, my girly girls.  I love them so.

Wish I could just freeze these moments for a little while longer.

Miss Tay turns three in two days . . .









2 thoughts on “Daisies

  1. Beautiful pics! It looks like your property is awesome! How many acres is it? I so wish we had more backyard. Our whole lot is less than 10,000 feet.

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