Wife to a handsome country boy, and mama to four precious princesses. Lovin' life in the sticks, and capturing every moment through my lens.



We had such a lovely Easter. 

The skies cleared, and the sun shone in celebration of such a glorious day.


We started the day at church,


and shortly afterward we headed to my mom and dad’s.


There was an egg hunt for the kiddos, all sorts of yummy treats and food, but you know what their favorite part was?

The bubbles.


And I can’t say that I blame ’em.  They are awfully fun!

And we had to get a snap of the cousins {minus Tay who wasn’t havin’ it}

I just love this photo!  Beautiful girls!!


Then it was off to Jeremy’s mom and dad’s for more Easter fun {and Bible study after that!}

How fun to be able to hunt eggs outside.

Living in Oregon we are LUCKY to get sunshine at all in the Spring. I was so happy it made an appearance on Easter.



And then we went home and flung ourselves into bed after a very long, very happy day! 🙂




5 thoughts on “Easter

  1. What a fun day! You have to send me a link to the pattern you used for the girls dresses. They are gorgeous!

  2. How funny that my girls wore aqua and coral for Easter too!

    Missed reading your blog so I’m glad to have found your new one!

    Life has been a little hectic. We lost one of our dogs to cancer and then added a puppy to the family. We also have been in the process of adoption and will be adding a baby to the family this year too!

    Your girls look beautiful as always! Missed you friend! Blessings, Heather

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  3. I so wanted to get a pretty pastel-colored dress for Lexie this year, but it would have been a waste. 😦 It won’t be warm and sunny in London for another few months I’m sure! Your girls look lovely – I’m so glad ya’ll had a wonderful, happy Easter!

  4. Your weather looks glorious! Glad to see the new blog- I’ll add this new link to mine so I can follow! Hugs!

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