Wife to a handsome country boy, and mama to four precious princesses. Lovin' life in the sticks, and capturing every moment through my lens.

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Here & There

This poor little blog is so bare, if you don’t find me here, you may find me at my original home:


Hugs 💗




It’s July!!!

This is my FAVORITE time of year!!

{I know I’ve said that before, but it’s worth repeating, I love it so much!}

I awake to birds chirping, sun shining, and a warm, Summer breeze blowing in through my open windows.

We end our days roasting marshmallows at the fire pit, or watering our plants, or a 4-wheeler ride down to the pond,

and then smooching tired, little, tan faces.

Ahhhhhhh.  This is truly the life.

We are BUSY little bees.

We’re preparing for our annual Family Reunion camping trip.

Oh how I love everything about it.

I love shopping for camping groceries.

{that’s code for junk food}

I love spending days in the kitchen prepping meals.

I love packing the trailer.

But we’ve been busy with so much more.

We’ve been getting this property of ours in some shape! 

Slowly, but still 🙂


Jeremy has wanted to put up a flag pole for a long time.



And it’s finally up!


I’ve been pinning outdoor fire pits to my Pinterest board for YEARS.

After we finished our retaining wall earlier this year, we had some blocks left . . .

I was SO excited when Jeremy agreed to use them for a fire pit!


We still have a little more to do to finish it off, but that didn’t stop us from trying it out the other night.


I’ve got some marshmallow lovin’ girls!


Fun Fact #332: We make our S’mores with Chewy Chips Ahoy 🙂


Even Nana and Gramps stopped by for a S’more or two 🙂


And a few snuggles, of course!


And now,

 We’ve got a busy week ahead.

Visits with cousins, 4th of July Fun, and then on the road to our camping destination!

Whew!  Bring on Summer!









Happy Happy Birthday to Miss Tay!

How can it be that my teeny tiniest baby turns three years old today??? 

This picture below . . . the day we came home from the hospital.  ONE day old. One.


Why does time move so quickly? 

Why can’t we live on Mercury?  Then I could enjoy 58 days for every one day.


Alright, moving on.


Okay, I lied.  I’m not moving on.  I just have to take this in for a sec.


Can ya tell I have baby fever?  Bad.

Alright, fine.  I’ll definitely move on now.

Miss Taylor Grace . . . you are THREE!!!


You are a BIG girl now!

You love anything PINK.

You love Barbies and Legos and doing just about anything your big sissies are doing.

You just moved out of Mama and Daddy’s room at night {at least, on the nights Daddy’s at home}.

You are SUPER tall.  Wearing at least a size 4T!

I could listen to you talk ALL DAY LONG.

My favorite word of yours?  Bee.  That’s what you call Boys.  Bees.

It took me awhile to figure out, but once I did I couldn’t stop giggling about it!

You’re a LEFTY.  And we’ve known for a long while now. The only Lefty in our house!

You are very . . . Spirited.

You want what you want when ya want it, and that’s that.

But you are so incredibly loving. 

The snuggliest snuggler of all my girls {and that’s saying a LOT because all of my girls are snuggly}

You bring us so much joy each and every day, Miss Taylor Grace.


Happy Happy Birthday, my Love.








Oh how I love daisies.

The other day I was busily trying to prepare for Miss Tay’s birthday party {and Father’s Day celebration combo},

and Sierra asked me if I would go outside with her and the girls to take photos.

She casually mentioned, “We could go over there, to the daisies”.

That was all it took for me to throw down my dish towel, pick up my camera, and head out the door.


These two love each other sooooo much.

There’s just something about the biggest and the littlest. 


They definitely gravitate toward each other.

This next one I was going to delete.

In fact, my finger was just about ready to hit the delete button when I realized . . .


Uhhhh, this isn’t an outtake at all.

That is TOTALLY Taylor. 

Let’s see how far up our nose we can fit that flower.


Then we came across  a honey bee:


And we had to stop and pay attention for a bit, because he was so busy!

Busy little bee 🙂


Ahhhhhh, my girly girls.  I love them so.

Wish I could just freeze these moments for a little while longer.

Miss Tay turns three in two days . . .









Busy Bees!

We’re pretty much in a constant state of chaos over here.

And that’s okay.  It’s a good chaos.

So, as usual, we’ve been busy, busy bees!

We finished our school year around Memorial Day, and it feels sooooooo good to be done.

HOW is it possible that I have a 7th grader, a 4th grader, and a Kindergartener {and soon to be 3 year old!}??

Our days have been spent OUTSIDE enjoying this glorious sunshine!


We’ve had an unusually sunny and warm May/June, and I am loving every part of it!

We’ve especially loved spending time down by our creek and pond.

Jeremy’s been keeping it clear of brush for us, and we’ve had such fun exploring.


The other night we headed down to do some fishin’, and caught this crawfish!


Yep, those are teeny, tiny baby crawfish, that little Mama is carrying around!!


We’re finally getting our property in shape, years later 😉

Last Spring we poured concrete out front.

Last Fall we planted grass.

And this Spring, Jeremy has started me a ROSE GARDEN! 

Ahhhh, I’m in Heaven!

So far we have 17 rose bushes, with plans to plant many more.

As if that hasn’t kept us busy enough, the girls had their end of the year Dance Recital last weekend.


Jeremy had to work, so us girls got together with our sweet dancer friends to get ready together.

We had so much fun.

Makeup, hairspray, costumes galore!


A wonderful night of dance, memories, and friends.

Both Sierra and Makenna took Lyrical together this year.

How it warms my heart to watch them onstage.

So, that’s my catch up post!

The next few weeks include photo sessions, beach trips, pageant-watching, birthdays, and celebrations!

Ahhhhh, welcome Summer!





Disneyland {Last post, I promise}

Well, it’s been nearly four weeks since we left for Disneyland.

It’s officially time for me to wrap up the photos.

{And also to admit that I suck at blogging. But that’s another story}


So. Day Two, we headed on over to California Adventure.

 California Screamin’ was a big hit 🙂

The girls {and really, everyone, loved it!}


California Adventure seemed so much less . . . chaotic than Disneyland.

I don’t know if there truly were fewer people, or if the pathways are wider, or what. 

But you could actually walk from ride to ride and *not* feel like cattle being herded around.

You could find a spot to sit and eat during lunch time.

It was kind of a breath of fresh air.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Disneyland.

As far as magic goes, that’s my favorite place to be.

But I’m a country girl.

I like it quiet.

I like it peaceful.

And I get a liiiiiiitle nervous when I’m stuck in the middle of enormous crowds of people.


Tay and I did quite a bit of wandering off on our own.

There were a lot of rides she just couldn’t go on,

and I didn’t think it was fair for her to have to watch while everyone else waited in their hour-long lines for a ride.

So we went off exploring 🙂


And it worked great because we got to see a lot that the others didn’t get to see.


We managed to get fast passes to ride Radiator Springs Racers on our final day.

It may very well have been my favorite ride.


We traveled a lot back and forth between the two parks trying to make sure we got to see and do everything we wanted.

The last time we were at Disneyland we had a 5-day park hopper pass, and this time we were only there for 3 days,

so planning our days was a must.


We spent a little time back at Disneyland on our third day.


And when evening grew near, we were sad to say goodbye.


But we still had half a day of shopping in Downtown Disney to look forward to.

That eased our pain a little.


And now, I’ve officially decided to become a travel photographer 😉

That way I can follow everyone else along on their vacations, capturing their sweet memories!

Sounds like heaven to me!